Man Filming His Dog Accidentally Captures Something Much More Frightening

When angels appear on ultrasounds and spirits seem to swim

What’s real out there?
I am not that easily spooked. I love a good horror movie, I read scary stories into the wee hours, and I’ve never been a big believer in the supernatural.

That said, when you spend enough time on the internet, you start to uncover things that just don’t seem quite possible. You start to question what’s real out there, and what isn’t.

Maybe, like me, you never believed in ghosts until a video like this one planted just the tiniest seed of doubt. Now, I’m not saying that I’m totally converted, but my sturdy sense of skepticism is just a little bit shakier now.

When angels appear on ultrasounds and spirits seem to swim, anything can happen, right? That’s certainly how I felt after viewing this piece of footage captured in a forest somewhere in Russia.

A man was out in the woods, ostensibly for the purpose of filming his dog doing some tricks. But before he catches anything good, his dog, a beagle named Tarzan, disappears into the underbrush on the trail of something.

Chasing after his errant dog, the filmmaker stumbles into a clearing, and catches something truly unbelievable. Two or possibly three figures in the murky distance, one of whom is flying.

Like something out of Harry Potter, a little figure in a red coat hovers in the air for a few seconds, before Tarzan barks, and the shadowy figures notice they have company. Seconds later, whatever was happening is over, and they have disappeared into the forest.


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