How to Overcome the Post-Trip Blues for Those Who Love to Travel

So unpack your bags, throw in a load of wash, and let's get happy!

A few simple steps
If you're a girl who loves to travel, chances are, you've experienced a little post-travel depression at least once.

It's dreadful, but you can beat the blues by following a few simple steps.

So unpack your bags, throw in a load of wash, and let's get happy!

1. Expect It

Somehow the post-travel blues aren't nearly as intense if you're expecting them. So while you're flying home, it's a good idea to reflect a little on the fact that you've had a stellar trip, but there might be a little pain and adjustment later.

2. Is It Jet Lag?

If you've traveled across several time zones, you can definitely expect to be a little jet-lagged. Get plenty of sleep, and try to stay hydrated as well.

3. Go Thru Photos and Souvenirs

Once you've slept off the jet lag and adjusted your internal clock to your own time zone, this is when the real post-travel blues start to set in. This is an excellent time to start putting away or handing out your souvenirs, and going through the photos you took on your trip.

4. Bring a Little Home

Another way to cope is to bring a little of the travel you've done with you, and incorporate it into your everyday life. For example, cook a meal you tried and loved on your travels, or learn the language of the place you visited.

5. Make a Small Lifestyle Change

Living out of a suitcase or backpack probably made you very aware of how much or how little you could live without. Why not make some small (or even big) lifestyle changes to embrace some of that travel-friendly minimalist lifestyle?

6. Talk about It

If you traveled with a companion, it will also help to talk about your post-travel blues with them, or even with someone else who might want to listen. Your travel buddy will know exactly how you feel, and you can help encourage each other.

7. Get Back into Your Workout Routine

Probably the last thing you want to do is head to the gym, but once you get there, you'll feel so much better! Getting back into your workout routine will help you beat the blues. Thank you, endorphins, and the joy of finding my center in yoga class!

8. Tackle the to-dos

If you've been gone a while and haven't checked your email, or heaven help you, your work inbox, it might feel overwhelming when you finally do. Stop! Before you dive in, make a short, sweet to-do list, and tackle it one item at a time. First up - delete all the messages you know are junk.

9. Plan Your Next Trip!

It always helps to have something to look forward to when you're feeling blue, so why not plan your next trip now? You don't have to buy the plane tickets yet, but start thinking about your itinerary...

it'll feel so good!


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