Army Staff Sergeant Reunites With Bomb-Sniffing Golden Retriever

After two years apart, two veterans reunited

Man’s best friend
They call them man’s best friend for a reason. It’s because through thick and thin, life and death, there is no love, affection, or loyalty like that of a dog.

At the Hobby Airport, after two years apart, two veterans reunited in the most beautiful way. One of the vets was Giluk, a bomb-sniffing golden retriever who saved plenty of lives in Afghanistan by detecting explosives.

The other is staff sergeant Alex Brown who fought side-by-side with Giluk. However, when Brown came home, he was separated from Giluk. Then because she was no longer needed by the government contractor who trained her for military duty, Giluk faced an uncertain future.

This reunion reminds me of the time U.S. Army Specialist Henry Alvarado found his estranged combat dog Dukey — that one was a tearjerker!

After spending a year in a Virginia kennel with other dogs sent back from combat, Greg Meredith, owner of the Mt. Hope Kennels, believed that Giluk had been abandoned.

“Eventually I was told I could dispose of them however I wanted. Disposal was no an option. These are veterans that have served their country,” Meredith told ABC local.

Meredith was determined to reunite Giluk with Brown. After seeing a video of her in one of Brown’s Facebook videos, the rest is history. As it turns out Brown never stopped looking for his best friend.

“We’ve been told that she’s been adopted and that she was still working,” Brown said.


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