Two Friends Perform “Uptown Funk” In The Car

It’s hard not to sing along and mime to the music with Zach

Zach and Wahlid have no shame
If you’ve ever been caught singing in the shower or in the car unexpectedly it can be totally embarrassing. However, these two friends, Zach and Wahlid, have no shame.

Zach and Wahlid put a camera in the car, but it’s Zach who is sitting on the left, that really loses himself in a performance of “Uptown Funk.”

Let’s just say he is really feeling the music and gives quite the routine. It’s pure, simple happiness. Wahlid on the other hand isn’t all too happy with his friend’s little show.

He’s the classic straight man, you know the Bing Crosby, to Zach’s goofy Bob Hope. The video has nearly 2 million views and I am pretty sure it’s because it’s so upbeat.

It’s hard not to sing along and mime to the music with Zach. It reminds me of TJ Smith’s traffic jam sing-a-long to “Build Me Up Buttercup.”

“My 15 month old son loves to watch this video and he just laughs his little butt off! He thinks you guys are so funny!” One commenter said, “This is literally my sister and me in a car. I’m the driver and my sister’s the passenger, and she knows it. She’s proud of it.” Another one wrote.


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