Marine Given Amazing Welcome Home After Losing Both Legs

This brave young man suffered a horrible injury

Something amazing happened
Ever since he was a little boy, Lance Cpl. Ivan Sears has always wanted to serve our country. After making it through the intense training of the Marine Corps bootcamp, he had finally achieved his goal: to become a Marine.

It was on a routine patrol when his whole life changed in an instant; this brave young man suffered a horrible injury when an improvised explosive device detonated near his feet, causing him to lose both of his legs.

After more than five months of rehabilitation and painful recovery, Sears has taken his first steps towards getting his life back in order.

After the initial recovery process was over, he was given leave to visit home, and it was there that something amazing happened.

Sears knew and was expecting that a “welcome home” thank you committee would most likely appear before him when he got off the plane in his hometown. Usually consisting of 20–50 people, these groups were meant to show all returning veterans that they were loved, respected, and appreciated. Just a small group of people who love the military and feel the need to show how thankful they are; good patriotic Americans who just want to welcome home our soldiers!

But when Sears walked through the entrance of the airport, he was astounded by the warm welcome. Over 400 people from all over his state wanted to send their well-wishes to this young man and his new journey.

While Sears has a long way to go, every single day is a big step forward, he’s even being fitted for new prosthetic legs! And with friends like these we’re sure he’s going to have the support system that he deserves!


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