Show Your Pride with One of These Amazing Rainbow-hued Tattoos ...

Few ideas to give you a little pride ink-spiration

Love is love
It's been nearly a month since SCOTUS confirmed that love is love, and that we all have the right to marry the person we adore. That's plenty of time for the reality to sink in and for the ink on our pride tattoos to take. If you haven't gotten celebratory ink yet, here are a few ideas to give you a little pride ink-spiration.

1. Simple & Sweet (and Rainbow-free)

2. Unicorn

3. Love is Love

4. Infinity

5. Tiny & Perfect

6. Pinkie Promise

7. Temporary but so Incredible!

8. Love is Love (again)

9. Equality

10. The Missing Piece

11. Rainbow Feather

12. Lyrical

13. Simple Outline

14. On Your Fingers

15. Born This Way

16. Watercolor Hearts, Together

17. Up-inspired?

18. Rainbow Wristband

19. Elaborate & Incredible

20. No H8

21. Make a Statement

22. Tiny Rainbow Lovers

23. Maple Leaf

24. Stars

25. One More "love is Love"


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