Is this the greatest baker EVER?!

Lou Lou P is a baker and cake creator

Imagination run wild in the kitchen
When it comes to baking, whether it be fancy cakes, tasty treats, or the odd loaf of bread, we like to think we’re pretty good. Then, when looking for some imaginative things to bake to share with all of you, we came across Lou Lou P, who is putting the fun back into food with her quirky and cool baking ideas.

Lou Lou P is a baker and cake creator from Leeds who lets her imagination run wild in the kitchen. She first won our hearts with her adorable ‘cat loafs’ and the fact that she is self-admittedly crazy about cats, “I’m cat mad. I have five moggies of my own, all rescue kitties,” the baker told ABC News.

She has also shared a baking recipe for anyone who can’t resist trying the cat loaves for themselves (like us)!

Lou Lou doesn’t just do animal shaped loaves of bread (although the pug shaped one she created is pretty cool too). The creative baker has tried her hand at everything from a full English breakfast made out of sweet treats, to a UNICORN burger (yes this is possible, see below) and macrons that look like Audrey Hepburn and Poldark!


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