Macro Photos reveal the Beauty of Alien-Like Plants

Otherworldly place with alien-like carnivorous plants

Stunning extreme close-ups
Through Macro photography, Joni Niemelä is taking us to an otherworldly place with alien-like carnivorous plants.

The stunning extreme close-ups capture beautiful details and colours we would miss with our bare eye. The Finnish photographer is lately focussing on the carnivorous plant Drosera (aka Sundew).

“Sundews have always fascinated me, and I have been photographing these alien-like plants for several years now. My first photo series Drosera was mostly bright and vibrant, so I wanted to have some contrast to that in my second series of Sundews. I think the colors and the mood of Otherworldly Blues reflect aptly the true nature of these carnivorous plants.”Joni Niemelä


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