90% Of People Can’t Spot The Differences In These Photos

Do you regard yourself as someone who has a keen eye for detail?

Can you?
The human body is a pretty intricate system and arguably no part is more complex than the eye. I cannot even begin to imagine how the little things work, all I know is that they are bloody brilliant and without them life would be pretty different. Having said this, sometimes the little buggers can play nasty tricks on us, like when you think you’ve hooked up with a stunner in a club to find out the next day (once you’veremoved your beer goggles) that your eyes were completely deceiving you.

Do you regard yourself as someone who has a keen eye for detail? Then you should have no problem picking out the differences in these images in a test that has sent the internet into meltdown. Don’t be fooled, they may look the same, but get a bit closer and all will be come clear, well hopefully, otherwise it’s just going to frustrate the hell out of you.

1. Not a clue

2. They all look the same to me

3. I can tell one is orange and the rest are black

4. Absolutely no idea

5. Is there a difference?

6. I just see cars

7. Yes, I actually got this one

8. Nope

Spot the difference tests have stepped up a gear since I was at school. Illusions like these send your mind into disarray, you may see one thing, but another could see something completely different or not at all.


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