When Photographer Parent’s has to take their kids with them…

They handle delicate and fragile equipment for a living.

Photographers make the best parents
It turns out that camera cases make for pretty snug (and adorable) sleeping quarters, too.

#1. “I like it but I’m looking for something with a little bit more arm space.”

#2. Black and white chic.

#3. “Hopefully dad won’t notice I’m here and will take me with him on assignment.”

#4. Nothing is off-limits for this little tyke.

#5. This is contentment.

#6. “Ummmm, guys… hello? I’m feeling a bit pressed for space.”

#7. And they finally found a case that was just right.

#8. Deep in thought after his recent trip to India.

#9. Say cheese!

#10. This looks like bliss.

#11. Daddy’s little assistant.

#12. Clearly not impressed with his arrangements.


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