18 Surreal Black & White Photos of Liberated Zoo Animals

Wandering wild animals on the streets of large European cities

Photo project The Zoo
Ceslovas Cesnakevicius is a Lithuanian photographer who applies digital effects to his photo series to create a deep intrinsic message that goes behind the image simplicity. Situations that can not be easily brought to life can be made real by means of technology. This is just what this Lithuanian digital artist did with the photo project The Zoo depicting liberated animals.

Ceslovas put wandering wild animals on the streets of large European cities – Paris, Barcelona, London and Amsterdam to raise awareness about the caged beings and their life of restricted freedom living far from natural habitat. One could think that such projects are unnecessary in the 21st century, but we are still capturing and imprisoning other living creatures for the purposes of show and fun. Perhaps it is time to wake up and realize that there is no ethical justification for keeping zoos as they are. Imagining these lost zebras, apes, giraffes, lemurs and wild birds in urban busy areas could do just that.


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