The Simpsons Springfield

A mythical view of the Simpsons‘ hometown

Unreal Estate
The illustrator Tim Doyle from Texas presents us with his “Unreal Estate” series a very remarkable and dramatic look to Springfield’s famous places.

“Unreal Estate” is a collection of locations that many of us know and have been to on a weekly basis at times, but we can never actually visit. These places are in our memories- transmitted and entrenched there through a cathode-ray tube. Some of us have been going to these places for decades- some of these places were taken from us, way too soon. – Tim Doyle

We are especially afraid and fascinated at the same time of Moe’s tavern, the Comic Book store and the church. Also the characters are shown in a the very spooky way, most of them displayed by their shadows for example Bart Simpson or Milhouse van Houten.
The work reminds us of a Tim Burton movie.



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