Elephants Trekked For Miles To Mourn Their Human Friend

Elephants have paid their respects

Exceptionally good memories
Many animals have the mental and emotional capacity equal to that of humans.

Elephants, for example, are known to have exceptionally good memories and have long been known to grieve for their loved ones and return to their burial sites.

I heard of the following story a while ago, and was incredibly touched by this particular herd of elephants. At some point in their lives, they were saved by conservationist and “elephant whisperer” Lawrence Anthony. Anthony had established the Thula Thula wildlife reservation, which spans over 5,000 acres. It is home to many hunted and endangered species on the continent.

Mere days after Anthony passed away, these elephants did something that left me speechless.

Anthony’s son had spoken to The New York Times about how the elephants have paid their respects to his father. Read on to find out what these elephants chose to do, and let us know in the comments what you thought of this incredible story…

Elephants have long been targeted by trophy hunters for their ivory tusks. The illegal trade of ivory has reduced the African elephant population from millions to sparse herds in just a few decades.

South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony is famous for rescuing and rehabilitating these precious — and traumatized — wild animals.

Once, Anthony rescued a herd of wild elephants that would have otherwise been put down. He developed a unique relationship with these elephants and kept them safe on his Thula Thula Reserve in Zululand.


But when Anthony passed away three years ago, it's said that something truly amazing happened: a few days after his passing, two elephant herds from the reserve trekked for 12 miles to his home.

In their mourning, the elephants remained outside Anthony's home for two days and two nights without any food.

The next morning, they left as mysteriously as they came and began their journey back home.

Many have been left in astonishment after hearing about the elephants’ journey. These beautiful, majestic creatures have truly moved us with their intelligence and profound emotions.


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