How to DIY Folded Heart Garland

A heart garland for Valentines

Fold a piece of paper into heart
You will love the way to fold a piece of paper into heart for decoration on special days in your life. A heart garlandfor Valentines, for his or her birthday or for room decoration will be
so sweet. The trick is to cut the shape before folding, here is how:

1) Uses A4 paper 80 grams. Thicker paper can be difficult to make last-fold with.

2) Take a large plate or anything that is larger than the paper height. Draw around the edges.

3) Cut.

4) Now do all the paper you want to use and have ready.

5-6) Now it will be folded in accordion fold along the long side. Be sure to pull the folds of the nail or weatherstrip tool so the creases are sharp.

7) Does the narrow “pinnar2.

8) Now Fold in half and see if it gets a steady heart. Pinch to.

9) Glue on one of the inner flaps.

10) Squeeze in the crowd as the sides were attached to each other. One must fiddle and pinch a little. Separate the paper as a heart created.

11-12) Through my viket on one heart half, about 5 mm down out the needle and thread through – then other cardiovascular half. Thread through a long thread – as long as when the garland to be.


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