13 Signs You have a Toxic Boyfriend

Feeling like there’s something wrong with you

No butterflies and excitement
Relationships tend to evoke thoughts of happiness and warm feelings. But when you’re with a toxic person the opposite is true. Here are 13 signs you have a toxic boyfriend:

1. He tries to manipulate you

Manipulative people have a way of controlling you without you realizing it. If you find your boyfriend makes you feel guilty and insecure so you’ll do what they want, they’re manipulating you.

2. He tries to make you feel bad for spending time with friends

Every time you tell him you’re going out with the girls he gets whiny and tries to make you feel bad. He may even say something along the lines of “I wanted to see you tonight, can’t you cancel with them?“

3. He gets angry if you don’t have sex

It’s ok to not be in the mood. You should never feel like sex is an obligation.

4. He only wants to Netflix and Chill

When was the last time you went on a real date? If his idea of date night is hanging out, having sex then going home you’ll feel more like a hookup then a girlfriend.

5. He puts you down

Feeling respected is a big part of a relationship. If he cared about you he would want to make you feel good about yourself and raise your self-esteem.

6. He tries to make you jealous

You should be able to feel secure in your relationship. Jealousy isn’t a game and if he is repeatedly reminding you that there’s a ton of women he’s around that want to sleep with him then he’s a jerk.

7. He’s always talking about other women

Unless he’s telling you about his mom or the funny thing his sister did then there’s no reason your main topic of conversation needs to be centered on other women. And if it’s one specific woman then he’s probably into her and it’s only a matter of time before he moves onto her.

8. He’s still using dating apps

So maybe you met on a dating site – nothing wrong that- but if he’s still using the apps then it’s an issue. Once you have become exclusive all dating apps should be deleted.

9. He’s flaky

Canceling dates and ignoring texts have become the norm. You never know when he’ll actually follow through with plans and you’ve gotten used to hearing excuses.

10. You don’t trust him

You can’t have a solid relationship if there’s trust issues. If you feel like he’s deceiving, you then he probably is. And if he’s lying over little things then it’s only going to escalate further on down the road.

11. He makes you question your worth

He makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you and preys on your insecurities. He seems to always find new things you should change about yourself so you’ll be better.

12. He expects you to make him happy

His happiness relies solely on you doing things for him and he blames you when he’s miserable.

13. You feel on edge when he comes around

Anxiety and dread instead of butterflies and excitement are how you feel before you see him. If the thought of him cancelling plans brings you relief then it’s best to do yourself a favor and end it.


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