Step aboard the Helios, an award-winning yacht with a secret in its sails

A boat that harnesses the sun's power

A new future for personal watercraft
Helios is the personification of the sun in Greek mythology.

And there's no more appropriate name than that for a boat that harnesses the sun's power.

With its hybrid diesel-electric motor capable of using both to move itself, the Helios could represent a new future for personal watercraft. Up to 355 kWh of energy can be stored in the ship's batteries.

Though it's a hybrid, it doesn't sacrifice luxury. There's plenty of space to take all your friends aboard to marvel at the boat's advanced solar sail technology.

The vessel was masterminded by Ferrari Franchi Design, which was named Young Designer of the Year 2015 by Boat International Media for the design.

Helios is unlike any other yacht. It's a 55-foot sailboat powered by the diesel-electric motor.

The large black sails dominating the boat's presence aren't just for show...

...they're actually made of flexible silicone solar cells (2,500 in all) that absorb the sun's rays to help power the boat.

The deck is specially designed to be clear of rigging for a spacious place to hang out and sunbathe.

The cabins can accommodate eight crew members and 10 guests. The main below deck salon can be converted from a dining room to a movie studio.

There are four guest cabins in total.

The lavish owner's suite has a a personal "beach" club — complete with a swimming platform that retracts when the boat is on the move.

A 360-degree ring of lights illuminates the surrounding seas at sunset.


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