Seven Capybaras Calmly Relax Together In Their Special Hot Tub

That’s a big mouse!

The world’s largest rodent
These seven adorable Capybaras are relaxing in the best way possible. They’re happily hanging out with each other in a specially designed hot tub designed just for their comfort!

The Capybara is the world’s largest rodent; they can grow to be up to four feet long and they can weigh up to 150 pounds! Now that’s a big mouse!

It turns out that the idea of giving these creatures a hot tub came up by pure chance. A zoo employee was cleaning their cages with some hot water one winter, and while the water was still hot, they saw a capybara happily laying in the small puddle. That led to the idea of creating an attraction that not only would help the Capybaras better enjoy the cold climate, but it would bring in new zoo-goers who would want to see such a silly sight!

Watching these huge rodents hanging out together certainly looks pretty nice. Imagine, no matter how cold it could possibly get outside, they’ll always have the nice and soothing warmth of their special Capybara hot tub! That is certainly a pretty amazing way for the world’s biggest rodents to spend their winter together!

Our favorite moment was when they honestly stopped to hold a pose at the :26 mark. It looks like they could be on the cover of a magazine or that they’re taking an album cover photo as part of a band! “The Cabybaras Sing A Capella!”


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