How to Regrow Basil from Cutting in Water

Basil is widely used all around the world

Notable health-benefits
The Holy Herb Basil is one of the ancient and popular herbal plants brimming with notable health-benefits and is widely used all around the world. We use basil in many delicious cooking as well as drinks. We can buy basil plants in pot even in grocery store for fresh herbs. But most likely there are cut and packed in bag. If you want to make more out of your grocery bought basil, you can simply propagate it and regrow new ones in water. Rooting Basil in water is super easy. Take a cutting and place in in a Jar changing the water every 3 to 4 days. The Basil will root after 2 week.

You will find tips and tricks by Chris from the Cafe Sucrefarine on how to properly cut the plant and how to water it in order to grow


They are more vegetables you can regrow in water, too. They are so great to recycle these scraps from kitchen trash into endless fresh


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