Dockside crane transformed into luxury hotel in Amsterdam

Rooms 50 meters off the ground

People are always innovating
We’ve seen everything in this world, especially regarding hotels, people are always innovating in order to surprise and attract guests. Located in Amsterdam, the Faralda Crane Hotel has drawn attention because it was built inside a dockside crane, with rooms 50 meters off the ground and offering guests a 90 meters high bungee jumping adventure.

The hotel was built from an abandoned 250 tons crane built in 1951, which makes it one of the oldest structures of its kind in the world. After being closed for so many years, engineers and architects planned the project, which cost €3,150,000 and took four years to complete, opening in 2015.

In addition to the unusual project, the Faralda offers spectacular design in each of their 3 luxury rooms, with elaborate decoration by some of the best Dutch designers. There you can enjoy an amazing view over Amsterdam and the most romantic sunset from the Spa pool lonely on top of the sky-high crane. All this makes for one expensive stay with rates starting at €400. In addition to the hotel, the bungee jumping platform is not just for guests and costs €85 euro, which includes instructions and a certificate. Would you dare?


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