How to Turn Your Shower into a DIY Spa ...

The reward is an upgraded shower

Special pampering experience
None of us can afford a weekly trip – or even a monthly trip – to the spa. It’s such a treat when we can and something to look forward to, but what if you can recreate some of that special pampering experience in your own bathroom at home? Ok. So you have to do the work yourself but the reward is an upgraded shower experience and who doesn’t deserve that?

1. Drink Water before You Shower

The easiest of tips for creating your own DIY spa is to drink a glass of warm water before you get into the shower. This helps to lower your blood pressure and dilate your blood vessels. For an extra spa-like touch, why not add some cucumber or lemon to your glass?

2. Buy a Shower Radio

Listening to music always proves to be a mood lifter, so invest in one of those nifty waterproof shower radios that will allow you to turn your shower time into a mini karaoke session. You will come out feeling cleaner, more refreshed and with the added bonus of some singing practice! Or if you want a more mellow experience, tune into a classical music station and chill.

3. Eucalyptus

Spas always smell gorgeous. A great tip for bringing an effective hit of eucalyptus into your shower is to hang a handful of sprigs from a eucalyptus plant from your showerhead. By letting the hot water steam mix with the sprigs, you are allowing all of the beneficial oils and aromas from the plant to come into contact with your body, helping to fight viruses and bacterial infection.

4. Use a Dry Brush

Before you get into the shower, try to eliminate as much dead skin from your body as possible by using a dry brush. Go over your body in circular motions to make your skin feel lovely and soft, and once you are in the shower, the water will take care of removing any excess dead skin.

5. Candles

Candles are a great way to encourage relaxation in any part of the home, but particularly in the bathroom. Having a gentle shower by the light of a few strategically placed candles can be a really fun and relaxing atmosphere. Mixed with your shower radio, it can be like a relaxing disco!

6. Remove Your Makeup

Get in the habit of removing your makeup before you get into the shower, as this is the best way of being sure that you’re getting as clean a face as possible. Though the shower water is nice and warm, it doesn’t contain the moisturizing qualities of dedicated cleansing wipes and oils.

7. Foot Scrub

Give yourself some full body treatment with a nice foot scrub as part of your shower routine. Get rid of dead skin with a good quality foot scrub, and then instead of having to use a washcloth, you can just jump straight into the shower to get an even softer final result

8. Hand Towels

It’s never fun to grab for a towel only to discover that it is still damp from yesterday’s shower. To avoid this problem and keep everything as comfortable as possible, make sure to have a healthy stack of hand towels at the ready. This way you will never have to ruin your relaxing shower with a wet towel ever again! Or invest in a spa type robe and slippers to take the experience further.

9. Finish with a Cold Spritz

Ending your shower with a cold rinse is great for increasing circulation and improving your overall mood. It will make you feel alert and lovely and will also close up your pores, reducing your chances of zits. The cool water will also help to curb pesky hair frizz and will keep it much shinier.

A nice way to finish off, if you can persuade them, is to get your SO to give you a massage with aromatic essentials oils once you’re finished your shower. They don’t have to be professional! A nice sensuous rub will do the trick.


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