Classical Church Turned Into a Massive Color-Reflection Edifice

This might be the place that you want to visit

The colorful exhibition
This transformational project by the UK-based artist Liz West is created in the historical church of St. John in North Lincolnshire and is now open to the public for viewing. The colorful exhibition can be seen from 14 May to 25 June, so if you are in the region during the next month, this might be the place that you want to visit.

Liz West worked with reflective lights on colorful plastic orbs to put a new look to the environment. The vivid light refraction on transparent materials creates dark and light chromatic shadows and figures and brings new life to already familiar objects. The project must be looking much better in real than it looks on photos. If you agree, check up for details about the site installation in the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in North Lincolnshire.



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