19 year old builds insane castle with Lego bricks

Toy for kids to build things out of their own imagination

Professionals in building the most incredible structures
Lego bricks started out as a toy for kids to build things out of their own imagination. But with time, the game changed completely. There are now people commonly referred to as Lego builders who are professionals in building the most incredible structures purely from lego bricks.

Take 19 year old Joseph Zawarda for example. Joseph is a massive fan of the action-adventure game The Legend Zelda: Twilight Princess. Within this game is a certain castle that happens to be Joseph’s favorite structure in the game: the Hyrule Castle. So he decided to bring this castle to life with lego bricks.

It took him a stunning two and a half years to build the castle. Upon seeing the mind-blowing detail in his work, it is easy to understand why it took so long to build the castle. Popular youtube channel Beyond the Brick had an interview with Joseph when he showcased his fine work during the BrickFair in Virginia this August. Here are a few fun facts they discovered regarding his work.
  • In general, the most difficult part of the project was constructing the roofing. He explained that since lego bricks were blocks, he had to find a way to make the circularly shaped roofing. This didn’t come as an easy task.
  • He spent a lot of time realizing the vegetation because he said he wanted to make it look as organic as possible.
  • The towers were made out of two different lego pieces. These are lego castle sets and technic pieces.
  • He brick-linked pieces from Scandinavia on several occasions.
  • It is very convenient to transport the castle because it breaks down to 40 solid pieces. Although, it requires two cars to transport the whole set.
  • The most difficult structure to build was the top roof piece.
Here are some pictures, and a video to help you appreciate just how incredible Joseph’s work is. Have a look!



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