Why redheads RULE!

Scotland boasts the highest percentage

1-2% of the population

1. Having naturally red hair is VERY unusual

Did you know that redheads make up just a mere 1-2% of the population? That’s approximately 140 million people, in the whole wide world! And Scotland boasts the highest percentage, with 13%.

2. Our favourite royal (and cheeky chap!) has auburn locks

Need we say more?

3. In fact so do some of the most attractive men in Hollywood…

Damian Lewis, anyone? Forget a silver fox, we’ll take a flame-haired man any day!

4. Red hair is thicker than other colours

Redheads have less hair than blondes and brunettes, so to compensate their hair is actually thicker. Hello luscious locks!

5. Redheads don’t actually go grey

The pigment in their hair fades to a rose gold and eventual white.

6. Red hair makes your eye colour POP

Whether you’ve been blessed with deep and dark brown, warm hazel or emerald green, auburn hair accentuates any eye colour beautifully. Blue eyes and red hair is the most rare combo on earth!

7. Redheads can produce their own Vitamin D

Here comes the science bit… Redheads have a lower melanin-concentration, so can’t sufficiently absorb Vitamin D, meaning that in low light conditions they produce their own. Pretty impressive!

8. Redheads can change temperature quicker

According to research, redheads are more sensitive to hot and cold pain, so have adapted to cool down or hear up at a much quicker pace.

9. And finally, our favourite Disney Princess EVER was a redhead

I mean, who doesn’t want to be Ariel?


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