Young Couple Stopped To Shelter A Dog Left In The Rain

Touching photos

A viral sensation
To most people, the rain is a beautiful, relaxing experience that’s best accompanied by soft music, warm tea, and a good book.

But for those without a roof over their heads, a rainstorm is not a peaceful chance to reflect but a dangerous and uncomfortable element to suffer through.

However, matters are always made worse when these vulnerable souls are chained up to trees, lampposts, or railings, and have no choice but to wait for their freedom…

I’m speaking, of course, of dogs. Tied up with their leashes or runners, dogs are often left outside for extended periods of time, helpless against extreme temperatures, precipitation, and uncomfortable environments. And often, these dogs suffer severe health conditions because of this, like this sweet pup who was tied up and completely neglected.

While the owner in this particular story clearly found their actions quite harmless, the young couple who happened by obviously felt otherwise, as evidenced by these touching photos.

Their selflessness and compassion certainly warmed my heart and restored my faith in humanity.

In Dover, England, a young couple was shopping when they were surprised by a sudden and violent downpour — but they weren’t the only ones.

Tied to a lamppost, totally helpless to the wind and heavy rains, the couple spotted a sweet German Shepherd patiently waiting for his owner.

They wasted no time rushing over to the dog and shielding him with their own clothing — and getting soaked to the bone in the process.

When a nearby shop owner spotted the compassionate couple, he came out and offered them umbrellas.

The two stayed with their new friend for more than 20 minutes, when the owner finally returned, shopping bags in hand.

While no one knows the names of these tender-hearted young people, everyone has seen and admired their kind act — as these two simple photos have recently become a viral sensation.


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