What Happens when You Settle for a Man when You Deserve More?

You can change it

Feeling horrible
Settling for a relationship can be really difficult. I settled for quite a long time and I felt horrible because of it. If you are settling for your partner or feel like you are, take a look below.

1. You Fear Being Alone

You really, really do; that could be one of the reasons why you are settling for a man.

2. You Feel like You Aren't Deserving of More

You feel like you don't deserve the type of love that is forever and the respect that should be there. That isn't true, though, you do!

3. You Start to Let Yourself Slip Away

And slide into a mold that he puts up. You shouldn't ever lose yourself in a relationship, especially one that isn't worthy of you.

4. You Start to Doubt Yourself

And every single action that you do.

5. You Get Depressed

You know that you deserve more. That you deserve better.

6. You Could Pull Back from Your Family

Seriously. This happened to me when I was in this type of relationship.

7. ...and Friends

You typically don't have friends outside of his friends because … why? They aren't worth you either.

8. You Start to Forget What Happiness is


And that's sad and hard to let go of.

9. You Have a Hard Time Finding Joy in Things

In anything and everything.

10. Hobbies? What Are Those?

You lose interest in everything, which goes hand in hand with depression.

11. You Start to Forget What You Were like before Your Partner

You start to forget how you were, what it was like.

12. You've Tried to Change Him Multiple Times

But – it never happens.

13. Your Sex Life is Always Lackluster

And you know it.

14. Sometimes, You Feel Lucky to Have Anyone

This feeling isn't good at all.

15. You Ignore a Lot of Your Own Needs

Not necessarily putting his first, but you ignore your own.

16. You Lower Your Standards

To meet what he is right now.

17. You Finally Accept Your Relationship

Until – you change it.


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