Air Force Cadet Parachutes Into A Packed Stadium

This airmen sets the bar high

Surprising His Sweetheart
Wow! When it comes to surprise proposals, this airmen sets the bar high… like thousands of feet high in the sky!

Once you decided you want to spend the rest of your life with that special someone, there is really no wrong way to propose (unless you do something as foolish as this clueless boyfriend). Here at LittleThings, it’s safe to say we’re pretty big fans of people that go that extra mile to pop the question. If you are too, you’re going to love the following video of an airman who actually traveled thousands of miles to propose to the love of his life.

Eric Wallace is a United States Air Force Academy cadet who has really missed his girlfriend Melanie while he’s been away at training camp. Being the sweetheart she is, Melanie decided to show her support for her military man by attending an Air Force football game. She had no idea that Eric was about to literally make a surprise landing. When some of the other cadets tell Melanie to look up in the sky, she’s shocked to hear that her boyfriend is returning home earlier than she expected.

However, it’s the surprise he has in his pocket that makes this video so amazing!


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