World’s Most Adorable Kid Has Amazing Reaction To Mom’s Pregnancy News

The world’s most well-adjusted 5-year-old

News he takes surprisingly well
Of all of the many ways that a firstborn child could react to the news of a sibling in the works, this 5-year-old boy may just be a contender for best reaction to a pregnancy announcement ever.

Upon opening the mysterious envelope handed to him by his mother and pulling out two small black and white sonogram snapshots, this little nugget has the sweetest imaginable response. “What is that?” he says, before happily adding, “That’s me!”

But it’s not him, of course. It’s mom’s new baby — news he takes surprisingly well. “You’re going to be a big brother,” says mom. To that, the little guy asks, “Is it in your belly?! Just now?!”

And the cuteness doesn’t stop there, either. “I’m going to be a big brother,” he screams, shortly before adding that the baby can share his bed with him, if he’d like (which he tells his mother with the straightest of faces).

This little guy reminds us of another video from of a family member’s reaction to pregnancy news. When a couple gifts their mother-in-law news of their long-awaited pregnancy, hers is just as priceless as this little guy’s. Though this kid may just be the world’s most well-adjusted 5-year-old!


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