She Puts On Makeup That Makes Her Look Exactly Like Her Dog

Two beautiful Siberian huskies

So bizarre and so stunningly odd
From time to time we’ll come across a video that’s so bizarre and so stunningly odd, that we just have to share it with you no matter what! The video below is one such amazing discoveries tailor-made for your enjoyment.

The video jumps right into the thick of it. At first glance, you’ll think you’re looking at two beautiful Siberian huskies sitting in front of their camera, but a moment or so later you’ll instantly see you’re looking at a girl instead!

Sitting next to her furry companion and wearing some of the most intricately designed makeup you’ve ever seen in your life, this girl has undeniable talent when it comes to putting on makeup; and while we’re not exactly sure what her instructions are since she’s speaking in another language, we certainly get the gist of what she’s doing!

She gives herself a nice and heavy base, adding a dark brown to her forehead, and those beautiful white cheeks that only huskies have. The makeup tutorial was pretty average until she painted those shockingly piercing blue eyes to her eyelids. That way, whenever this young woman closes her eyes it’ll look like she’s a husky with its eyes open!

However she came up with this cool idea is beyond us, but one thing is for certain, the more she adds to her face, the more she looks like her dog. We especially love her very last step starting at 4:20, when she starts painting on her chin, we couldn’t stop laughing!

What do you think her dog thinks of this? Do you think this is confusing to him, seeing his master like this? Does he still view her as his master or does he think she’s a dog too now! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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