17 Irrational Fears You Have Going To A New Gym For The First Time

What if I never find the changing rooms?

Do you know that feeling?
1. What if I get lost and accidentally walk into the wrong changing room?

2. What if I get changed in the changing room, and it’s not actually the changing room?

3. What if I forget which locker I left my stuff in?

4. Will anyone help me?

5. What if everyone in this exercise class is friends?

6. And they know I’m an outsider as soon as I walk into the studio?

7. What if everyone else is wearing ~fancy pants~ workout gear?

8. What if I was supposed to bring my own towel?

9. What if I can’t find anywhere to fill up my drink bottle?

10. And I dehydrate into a sultana-fied version of myself?

11. What if all the equipment is completely different to everything at my old gym?

12. And everyone stares at me while I try and figure things out?

13. What if there’s some kind of treadmill etiquette I don’t know about here?

14. What if I accidentally push in, and make a gym-enemy for life?

15. What am I going to do if the teacher asks in front of everyone if I am new here?

16. What if I accidentally booked the advanced class instead of the beginner?

17. What if it actually all goes OK, and I start being one of those people who actually LIKE the gym?!


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