3 Ways To Add Confidence To Your Stride!

We are the bosses

This is our life!
I believe confident girls are the prettiest. They walk with such passion and power makes it seem as if nothing could ever stand in their way. Whenever you see her go by she makes you feel powerful and important too.

I don't know about you, but I want to walk with confidence too! So in order to do so, I will start doing these three things and hopefully you do them as well.

1. List out 10 reasons to smile!

Happiness is linked with confidence, so the happier you are the more powerful you will feel. So list out things that make you happy, and use that list to help fuel your confidence.

When you walk, gallop with joy!

When you talk, talk with optimism!

When you do whatever, remember that life is good and always worth smiling about!

2. Kiss goodbye all of your worries!

I worry way too much and find myself feeling down in the dumps. But when I let go of things I can't control and just accept my life for what it is, a sense of relaxation falls on me and I just want to soar through the sky.

Yes, that may seem dramatic, but when you take off all the baggage of worries and doubts, you will feel the same way too!

3. Realize your worth & keep walking!

A lot of us ladies (me included) try to live our lives confidently, but somehow let other's opinion make us feel unworthy, other's criticism make us feel small. That is why I'm deciding to stop letting what others have to say stop me from being who I am. I am amazing, gifted, and always worth it (and so are YOU!)

This is our life, we are the bosses. If they can't handle that, that is their problem, not ours!


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