How to Look Great in Your Underwear ...

A few simple things to make you feel and look great

No matter what your fears are
It's hard to feel confident while naked, but it's just as hard to feel confident while in your underwear. It doesn't matter if you're embarrassed to strip for your man, get changed in the locker room, or just look at yourself in the mirror. No matter what your fears are, they can be conquered after doing a few simple things to make you feel and look great in your underwear.

1. Match the Top and Bottom

You wouldn't wear a shirt and skirt that clash, so why would you wear underwear that clashes? When you match your bra to your bottoms, it'll give you a burst of confidence. There's something about matching those items that can make a woman feel empowered. If you don't own any underwear that match your bras, head to the store to find pieces to add to your collection.

2. Buy the Right Sizes

Way too many women buy bras that don't actually fit them, because they don't realize that they need a size smaller or larger. Check out to see if the bra you're currently wearing is right for you. If it's not, then the site will tell you what size you should be buying in the future.

3. Buy the Right Styles

Changing the style of underwear that you wear can instantly change the way you look and feel. If you're self-conscious about how small your breasts are, invest in a pushup bra. If you're worried about the way your booty looks, try wearing thongs, because they'll get rid of panty lines and will show off the curves of your butt.

4. Wear Clean Underwear

No one can feel sexy in a pair of ripped underwear. Even though most people keep their underwear for up to a decade, you don't want to wear anything with period stains or tears. If your underwear collection is super old, then it's time for you to head to Victoria's Secret.

5. Have Good Posture

It doesn't matter if you're clothed or naked--when you have good posture, you're going to look sexier. That's why you should make a point to keep your shoulders back and head up high, even when you're getting changed. It can also help to push out your chest and booty a bit in order to draw attention to them.

6. Buy the Right Fabric

The material that your underwear is made out of is just as important as the style of underwear you're wearing. If you put on cotton boy shorts, you won't feel as sexy as you would if you had on a lacy pair of underwear. You could even invest in something silky, so that you balance beauty with comfort.

7. Exercise All over

If you want to feel gorgeous in your underwear, you should work out the areas that you're feeling self-conscious about. Take a day to work on your glutes, a day to work on your abs, and a day to work on your legs. Once your body is toned, you'll never worry about anyone seeing you in your underwear again.


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