7 Spots to Get a Tattoo That Employers Won't Care about ...

Here are some spots

You can still get them
If you want to get a tattoo, don't let the threat of not getting hired scare you out of going through with it. Yes, some employers still hate body art, even though tattoos are becoming more commonplace. If you know you're going to end up in a career that frowns at tattoos, you can still get them. You just have to put them in the right places. Here are some spots that are super easy to cover up so your boss will never know:

1. Hip

Unless you want to be a lifeguard, your entire torso should be covered up while at work. You're not going to be wearing crop tops and low-cut jeans in a professional space, so no one will be able to see a tattoo on your hip. The only people who will know about your body art are the people that you tell.

2. Shoulders

If you get a tattoo anywhere on your back, it'll be hidden from the world. Shirts may go low in the front, but they don't tend to go low in the back. As long as you aren't stripping down for your coworkers, they'll never see your gorgeous tat.

3. Back of Neck

This one is a little more risky, but for most people it will work. If you have long hair that you're allowed to wear down at work, then it'll cover up the tattoo. However, if you're required to push it back into a ponytail or if you prefer to maintain a pixie cut, you should find another spot for your ink.

4. Upper Arm

If you get a tattoo high up on your arm, you can easily cover it with a teeshirt. Just don't get an entire sleeve done, because then you'll be stuck wearing long sleeves for the rest of your career. Unless, of course, you find a job that's accepting of who you are.

5. Foot

The top of your foot is actually a pretty private place. If you wear socks and sneakers, no one will see it. If you wear heels, you just need to wear leggings or thick stockings so that no one will notice the tattoo. It's a pretty safe spot.

6. Thigh

Even if you get a job that involves being outdoors and wearing shorts, you won't be wearing ones that are so short that they expose your whole thigh. As long as you get a tattoo in a spot that will always be covered by your clothing, there's no problem.

7. Ribcage

Here's another spot that no one will ever be able to see unless you lift up your shirt to show them. If you're not comfortable getting tattooed on your ribcage, you can also get it done on your spine, your stomach, or even a spot on your chest that won't be visible when you wear a low-cut shirt. Believe it or not, you have a pretty big range of choices, so pick what feels best for you.


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