5 Remedies That Keep Depression and Anxiety Away

Are you suffering from depression and anxiety?

Hindering the ability to live life
Over the years, an exponential rise in the reader’s interest about remedies for depression and anxiety has skyrocketed. This clearly indicates the increase in number of sufferers. Though there is wide range of prescription and medication available, but there is always a fear of side effects. But not anymore, here is a solution to your problem. Read out to know more.

Let’s start with a simple question; are you suffering from depression and anxiety? Well, for a normal human being, there are good chances to experience some or the other form of depression and anxiety at least once in his lifetime. In fact, now it is more common, for some it happens over every couple of months. In some cases, it is more critical. The symptoms are troublesome to an extent that they're hindering the ability to live life. If you're suffering from anxiety right now, it is the right time to consider immediate remedies for this. Below are listed the anxiety reduction strategies to provide you relief.

1. Consume a Healthy Diet

Just like any other disorder, depression also needs a healthy diet. In addition, you can add some ‘happy’ foods too. Yes, there are some food items which can help you with serotonin- a chemical in the brain which makes you feel content.

The list includes:
• Flaxseed oil
• Sour cherries
• Eggs
• Fish-oil, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
• Healthy fat, such as coconut oil

Basically, these foods are serotonin enhancers and significantly raise the levels in the most natural way.

2. Steer Clear of Coffee

When it comes to depression, there are many benefits of coffee. Undoubtedly, caffeine readily offers a quick boost to your mood, but as far as its effect in long term is known, you’re going to come hitting down. Well, believe it or not, over-caffeinated will not do anything good to the chemicals regulating your mood. Moreover, it will affect the serotonin synthesis in the brain.

3. Green Tea Can Help

Don’t confuse it with coffee. Both, green tea and coffee contain caffeine. But the reason why green tea is beneficial over its counterpart is that it consists of extremely important constituent such as L-theanine.

Moreover, this element works synergistically with caffeine and boosts your mood in a way depleting the crash-effect. Having the psychoactive properties, green tea crosses the blood-brain barrier, reducing the stress up to a great extent. All you need to do is one cup of boiling water and one green tea bag. In the morning, take a cup of hot and fresh green tea with your breakfast.

4. Meditation is the Key to Happiness

If you really wish to escape those long lists of medicines and therapies, meditation is the only solution. It helps you deal with mood efficiently. You can take help of anyone at home, a friend or anyone else. Start with 30 minutes and try to increase gradually. Initially, you will find it difficult but it really helps. So, keep trying and slowly it smoother your thoughts. Choose a quiet place and prefer to do this in morning.

5. Acupuncture Might Work

It is not a new thing. Since ages acupuncture, it has been used for curing several physical disorders. A number of studies have proved that acupuncture helps with pain. And now it is widely used for treating this mental state too. Thus, the needle treatment can be used for treating depression and anxiety. When needles enter your skin your body responds and releases endorphins. This in turn relaxes your mind and makes you feel calm and happy.

Anxiety and depression can be due to various reasons, including both internal and external factors. And living with anxiety is never easy. You are not only the one; millions upon millions of people are struggling with anxiety daily. All you need to understand is that anxiety control is a long term process. It is not something that can be completed overnight. But yes, slowly and gradually you can fight them away!


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