40 Flawless Geometric Tattoos

Are you a wizard at maths?

Happiness with geometric tattoos
Geometry is quickly invading the world of tattoo. But if geometric tattoo designs can be perfect on a wall or a canvas, there are a bit more risky in a media not renown for its perfection, regularity and flat surface: the body, of course. Our limbs are convex and lines tend to become distorted for the eyes. So geometric tattoos ask for great technical skills from the tattoo artist: just one line not straight is awfully visible, more than in other styles of tattoos… If you are a maniac of symmetry and perfection, make sure to check the design more than twice before inking it forever! But if you are more relaxed, you can find happiness with geometric tattoos. Meaningless, they are purely ornamental, and they can be both epic and delicate, depending on the size and thickness of the lines. If you want something minimalistic or discreet, go for dots, graphic and linework. Want something bolder? Blackwork and colors are for you! And of course, they are also badass options for 3D tattoos if you find realistic objects too fishy for you. And they are mixed, as maths have no sex!

So, are you a wizard at maths or just an harmony lover? These 40 geometric tattoos are so precise only a skilled math brain could see the faults… Are you one? Take a look and tell us!



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