10 of the best reasons to date an Engineer

They are intensely brainy

They’re uber-shy
Sure they’re uber-shy and they are intensely brainy but here are 10 of the best reasons to date an Engineer .

10. Understanding Instructions

This may not seem important but trust me when you move in together this one will save you a ton of fights. One of the first things an engineer learns is to read and follow instructions. Give them anything and they can put it together. Plus they usually have all the tools!
9. Logical Not Emotional

If you get in an argument they won’t get mad but they will analyse the facts, form a logical opinion, and relay it without any pesky unnecessary emotion. WARNING: This could potentially be a con.

8. What Chemicals to Use and When

Say you were to accidentally crazy glue yourself to something. Your brainy engineer would be more than qualified to select an appropriate solvent solution to get you unstuck quickly and safely.

7. Excel Spreadsheets

Be it household budgets, comparing car prices, or choosing electronics your adorable engineer will create spreadsheets, and pie graphs meticulously laying out all of your options in a highly calculated and visually pleasing way.

6. Packing the Car

No matter how Tetris-like the task, your car will always be packed the most efficient way possible.

5. MacGyver

Engineers are all natural MacGyvers. If anything is broken, spilled or stepped on an engineer can fix it, rig it or put it all back together. It might even work better when they’re finished with it.

4. Perfectionist

They do the job right!

3. Over-Engineering

Over-thinking can be an issue but you will always have a solution regardless.

2. Cellphones

This one could be considered a Super Power; no matter where you are somehow your cellphone will always be charged.

1. Manual Dexterity

Engineers are REALLY good with their hands ah-hem.


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