Chinese firm builds 3D printed house in 3 hours

The special top-secret material used

Two-story villa in only 10 days
Using 3D printing technology, ZhuoDa Group of China built a furnished two-story villa in only 10 days, and assembled it all inless than three hours! The modular home was built from pre-fabricated components that were 3D-printed in a factory before they were transported to the building site.

Most 3D construction companies use cement-based components on their projects, however, the special top-secret material used by the Zhuoda group was not revealed. They ensure that the house was built to last at least 150 years and is strong enough to withstand earthquakes of high magnitudes.

Each module of the house weighs over a hundred kilos and costs up to 3,500 yuan per square meter. The company has developed 22 patents for its buildings, but there is still no estimate for when they will be manufactured on large scale.


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