20 things we would tell our 20-year-old self!

Face to face with our 20-year-old self

You're a pretty insightful
We asked our readers the one thing they would say if they could sit face to face with their 20-year-old self. Turns out you're a pretty insightful lot!

1. On love
2. On taking action
3. On exploring

4. On your work ethic
5. On risks
6. On dating the wrong man
7. On worrying
8. On marriage
9. On embracing new things
10. On your attitude
11. On trusting yourself
12. On what other people think
13. On getting older
14. On keeping the faith
15. On dating

16. On taking chances
17. On advice
18. On self respect

19. On aiming high
20. On the future


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