22 Things You Never Want to Hear As a Photographer

The goofiest and somewhat often heard remarks

Did you go to photography college?
Well get ready, because you are about to endure 22 of the goofiest and somewhat often heard remarks that photographers hear.

1. What kind of camera do you use? Oh, I have a better one.
2. Can you make me look a little younger/thinner?
3. These days the camera does most of the work for you.
4. I have an awesome assignment for you! There’s no money but there is tons of exposure!
5. How many megapixels does that thing have?
6. We don’t need a photographer. I’ll just take the pictures with my iPhone.
7. I’d love it if could come to my wedding! Also, could you bring your camera?
8. Do you know every setting on this thing?
9. Did you go to photography college? Do you have some sort of degree?
10. Can’t you just add that later in Photoshop?

11. Can you make me stand on top of a mountain?
12. I sooo envy you! All you have to do is press that button all day!
13. You can’t call photography a real art, it’s not like painting.
14. So what lenses are you using? How about the settings? What’s your f-stop? How many Kelvin degrees are you using for white balance?
15. So this photography thing…it’s more of a hobby, right?
16. You are sooo talented! Can I send you a couple of selfies for you to edit?
17. Digital photography is a piece of cake. The real photographers where back in my day when everything was done on film.
18. When will the photos be ready? I want to upload them on Facebook.

19. Can you take my Facebook cover photo? I’ll tag you.
20. Really? That much for just taking photos?
21. Will I get the RAW files?
22. You’re into photography huh? What’s your real job?


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