Make This Three-Color Braided Nail Design

Using a metallic, a neon, and a pearlescent nail polish trio

Ease the process of making your at-home manicure
The tricky thing about getting that salon-like manicure of your dreams is that it’s often a long and arduous process. For those of us who run a little short in the time or patience departments, tricky nail designs can wind up falling short and leaving us frustrated. But that’s where Cutepolish‘s Sandi comes in.

She’s shared a number of videos to ease the process of making your at-home manicures actually fun — and easy! For example, if you’ve been wanting a chevron-patterned manicure but don’t feel like spending a pocketful of money on having it done professionally, try Sandi’s Scotch tape hack. It’ll give you the full effect with little effort and you won’t have to spend hours trying to apply straight lines with a striper.

For the adorable braided look below, Sandi recommends using a metallic, a neon, and a pearlescent nail polish trio to make the effect really pop. She uses silver, neon pink, and a sparkly turquoise, but feel free to get creative and mix-n-match your own palette.

The best part about this braided effect? You don’t need any special tools! Your nail polish brushes and a toothpick will suffice for getting the desired effect. Watch the video below for step-by-step easy instructions.


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