Brave Dog Jumps In Front Of A Gun To Save Her Family

They aren’t even allowed to live in certain areas in the United States

When pit bulls love, they love hard
It blows my mind that at this day and age, pit bulls still tend to get a really bad reputation among humans.

The fact that they aren’t even allowed to live in certain areas in the United States, as you can see in this shocking video, just blows my mind, especially after hearing all of the good they do.

Pit bulls can make really great companions, service dogs and even babysitters… Just check out this pit bull pup and her little friend and you’ll see they have a much sweeter side.

However, of all the unique traits the pit bull breeds have, loyalty has to be the one that stands out. When pit bulls love, they love hard, and their protective nature can often be mistaken for unnecessary aggression. In the following video, we learn how one pit bull went above and beyond to protect her family.

One night while the parents and children were sleeping, four intruders made their way into the family’s home. An armed gunman attacked the father and tried to shoot him, but their brave dog jumped in the way and took the bullet for his owner.

The dog survived but unfortunately her leg could not be saved. The family worried they wouldn’t be able to afford surgery for their brave dog, but then the animal hospital she was treated at stepped in to do something incredible.


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