15 ideas on how to decorate with bamboo

Bamboo to decorate exteriors and even interiors

Implement bamboo into your house decor
The concern for sustainability and the environment motivates the search for alternative uses of natural resources, especially when it comes to decorating. In order to adjust to this environmentally friendly trend, many professionals are now using bamboo to decorate exteriors and now even interiors. In addition to bringing a rustic feeling to the room, decorating with bamboo also brings the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to save the environment since unlike wood when it’s cut, bamboo grows back.

If you are going for a natural, elegant and minimalist decoration, this could be just what you’re looking for and we are going to show you a few ideas on how to implement bamboo into your house decor. Take a look at these decorations to get inspired.
Transform an old mirror using bamboo cut into small pieces giving the room an attractive and unusual decor.

You can create colorful and rustic candlesticks using pieces of bamboo poles to provide light and style to your bedroom, living room or even the bathroom, while giving the room a fresh bamboo aroma.

Cut the bamboo sticks diagonally to give it a different touch. Then assemble them to make a lovely lamp for your living room.
Tiny pieces of bamboo can be used to make this lovely pencil holder for your office. Feel free to paint it in case you want a nice touch of color on your desk.

Another simple and practical way to provide a minimalist detail to your kitchen is to use bamboo as an utensil holder to keep your cookware in sight and easy to use.

If you love decorating your house with family photos, try using thin bamboo sticks to create the perfect picture frame to highlight those photos of special moments with your loved ones.

To give the room a relaxing and natural detail, use a few pieces of bamboo poles cut in different sizes to create rustic flower vases.

Or switch it around and place the bamboo poles in geometric vases to create a modern look.
Delicate garden ornaments can be made by simply using small pieces of bamboo and some rope. You can even go a bit further and turn it into lovely wind chimes.

If you want to go big and built furniture out of bamboo, you can start with this coffee table, that uses bamboo poles as a base. Keep in mind that bamboo is a very durable material (some even call it “natural iron”), so no need to worry about the weight of the glass.

If you love fine wine this idea is perfect for you! You can create your own wine rack using bamboo poles wide enough to accommodate the bottles.

Thinner rods can also be used to create small ornaments to decorate the wall or even to create organizers to hang those keys that you never find or place the bills you should remember to pay.
Do you lack garden space but dream of growing your own herbs and spices and whatnot? Look at this easy and economical idea that lets you create vertical gardens even in small spaces.
Build a bamboo pyramid as a plant support on your garden.

Here is an original idea to organize your jewelry and also decorate your bedroom using bamboo sticks held by small wooden blocks.


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