Tack couple builds their own house!

Do you think you would be up for this kind of DIY project?

A couple built their own house from scratch
The American couple Malissa and Chris Tack got a little carried away with the “Do It Yourself” trend. They not only built their own house from scratch, made from sustainably-sourced wood, but also all pieces of furniture in it.

The 140 m² property located in Snohomish, Washington, took seven months and a total of 800 hours of work to complete. The house, which cost $20,000 to build – is based on a dual axle utility trailer, which gives it mobility. Upstairs on a mezzanine loft, the couple sleeps on a queen sized bed, which occupies the entire space.

The place also has a nice bathroom and a sized kitchen big enough for their day-to-day activities. Four solar panels provide the energy needed to run the house and everything in the kitchen runs on propane gas. The natural wool insulation and siding, made of cedar, ensures the perfect temperature – even in winter. And natural light is achieved with the eleven windows of the house.

So, you do you think you would be up for this kind of DIY project?


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