Amazing DIY Ways to Recycle Your Old CDs

Get inspiration from these 20+ amazing DIY ideas

Recycle your unwanted CDs
CDs are small and thin but they are taking up your limited spaces after a lifetime of collecting them, especially when there are no more use of those outdated ones. Music and movies have gone digital, CDs are getting less and less used and may not be played or get dacayed just like cassette tapes. Now before dumping out all of your old CDs into trash can, you can recycle your unwanted CDs, or get inspiration from these 20+ amazing DIY ideas to recycle your old CDs into something new and cool for your home and garden.

Mosaic Tile Birdbath

Guitar Adorned In CDs
DIY CD Mirror

Mosaic CD Flower Pot

CD Table Top
Delightful Door Embellishments

Side Table

Bling Bangle Bracelet or other Jewelry
CD Wall Clock

Animal Sculptures Made Of Shattered CDs

CD Mosaic Garden Decorating

Old CD Ornament

CD Disco Ball

Broken CD Becomes Glamorous Clutch

Galaxy Cap

Instant Art Work– Shred In Mixer, Glue, Repeat

CD Marble Glass Candle Light

Or CD and Plastic Spoon Flower Tea Candles

Painted CD Wall Art

Shaped CD Wall Art
CD Room Divider

Or This Way


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