10 Creative Ways To Re-Use Soda Cans

New tricks we had no idea we needed to know

The most useful and clever ideas
Do you go through cans of soda like it’s a part-time job?

Consuming too much sugar and caffeine is pretty much never a good idea… Unless you want to try out these awesome ideas from our favorite YouTube do-it-yourselfer Crazy Russian Hacker! He’s the king of teaching us new tricks we had no idea we needed to know, like all the different things you can do with a $2 pool noodle. This time around, he’s back with some pretty clever ideas for the avid carbonated-beverage drinker.

In Crazy Russian Hacker’s version, we learn 10 new helpful things that we can do with cans, including the very best way to store them in the fridge. To me, the most useful and clever idea is the mini stove you can make using a can and a penny in case of an emergency. However, it’s always good to know that you can break open a lock with just a small piece of aluminum, too. Leave it to the Hacker to come up with that one!

As someone who is seriously addicted to seltzer, I can’t wait to try all of these out. Which one did you find most useful?


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