The over-the-top costumes at Burning Man are beyond wild and crazy

Some of the best outfits from this year's festival

It's all about the costumes
When it's nearly 100 degrees in the middle of the Nevada desert, clothing is limited, and sometimes even optional at Burning Man — "an annual art event and temporary community based on radical self expression in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada."

But for those who do choose to wear clothing, it's all about the costumes. The ornate outfits have become a huge part of the festival. Bikinis, body paint, tutus, masks, headdresses, wigs, floral crowns, and feathers — it's all there. Often all worn at once.

Check out some of the best outfits from this year's festival...

Burning Man is famous for its colorful costumes worn by attendees.

Women go all out.

So do the men.

This guy's shirt was one of the most creative outfits we saw.

Headpieces are everywhere.

They can be very intricate.

Made of real animals.

Or fake, fuzzy animals.

Or they can be suggestive.

These people went as "inbred cats." Get it?!

Collar and neck pieces were also big this year. Many were made of feathers...

... Or beads.

This woman applied flowers to her bike helmet.

While others went with helmets that had horns.

There was facial jewelry.

And breastplates.

People in pink bikinis.

And pink dresses.

With pink umbrellas.

And giant pink flowers on their heads.

It's a pretty attractive crowd.

People were scantily clad.

But still managed to keep warm.

Groups stayed together.

And often stuck with a theme.

Cheetah was a big theme this year.

Gold was also a big trend at this year's festival. Both for wings...

... And capes.

Many were coordinated.

Or completely matching.

Some had a color scheme.

This couple coordinated their eye wear.

This lady was really feeling her goggles, which are useful to protect eyes from the dust.

This couple said they have been dressing up and coming to the festival for years.

Most just wanted to be comfortable in the heat and have fun.


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