Magician Groom Has A Mind-Blowing First Dance With His Bride

The story of how they met in the style of Comedy Central’s Drunk History

“I Put A Spell On You”
If there is one day in your lifetime that is supposed to be completely magical, your wedding day should definitely be it!

We’ve seen some pretty wonderful wedding day extravaganzas here at LittleThings, but nothing can compare to the recent nuptials of Justin Willman, a magician who went above and beyond to make sure no one would forget his big day.

If there is one wedding this year that I wish I attended, this would be it. The couple recently made headlines for posting this hilarious video of themselves drunkenly sharing the story of how they met in the style of Comedy Central’s Drunk History. Instead of doing a “sappy” toast on their big day, they shared the video with guests instead. Now Justin, who is also the former host of Cupcake Wars, and his new wife Jillian Sipkins, a photographer, are the first couple I can remember who have had two of their wedding videos go viral.

In the clip, we see Justin and Jillian take the floor in front of all their guests and cue the song “I Put A Spell On You.” What happens next can only be described as a magical moment. Justin and his ravishing assistant put on the show of a lifetime, as they put each other to sleep and the groom even levitates in mid-air.


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