Comic Strip Nails Are The Easy Trend You Have To Try

Even the most difficult designs can be made easy for the novice nail painter

Without much skill
For those of us without much skill in the way of a steady hand (guilty as charged), nail art can be a tricky feat. But with a few hacks, even the most difficult designs can be made easy for the novice nail painter.

For example, in a hack we shared a while back from YouTube channel Cutepolish, we learned how to apply text to your nails using a few strips of newspaper and some rubbing alcohol. By cutting around the words you’d like to appear on your nails, you can give yourself a text manicure without the headache of a steady striper or applying stickers.

The video below shares a similarly easy but super cute way to dress up a manicure using a comic strip of your choosing and the same rubbing alcohol technique. Begin by painting your nails with a base coat and solid white polish to help your comics pop. For each nail, I recommend cutting out the face or image you’re trying to apply to your nail into a smaller, more manageable shape. Then, dip it in the rubbing alcohol and quickly apply it to your nail and press down for about 15 seconds to transfer the image.

Cover with a top coat, and there you have it!


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