He Pressed Hands On Fuzzy Blue Fur To Make An INCREDIBLE Gift

It’s surprisingly easy to make

DIY Cookie Monster blanket!
You will never guess what it will be by press your own hand on the fur, and cutting that part down. This creative and cool daddy who baked up something really special for his baby boy — a DIY Cookie Monster blanket! this blanket is super adorable and fluffy for babies, and for all fans who love cookie monsters (me included). It’s easy to make with several cuts for the body, yarn ball for eyes. And don’t forget to sew some giant and tiny cookie pillows to match and for kids play. You may get inspired to choose other colors and make your own favorite characters as Elmo for girls, It’s a great gift for baby showers, or kids — and it’s surprisingly easy to make too!Used the paper hand cutout as a stencil on the fur.

Draw the rest of the shape by folding the fur in half, then cut.

Wrap the bunched yarn with tight winds and working the winding into a ball-like shape.

Added two black, plastic, glossy buttons for the pupils, attached the eyes to the head.


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