A restaurant that cooks your food in a VOLCANO

Restaurant prepares its food by using a completely different approach

Kitchen that no one would get hurt
Regular restaurants have gas cookers, ovens and all the other well-known cooking equipment. However this restaurant, El Diablo, decided to prepare its food by using a completely different approach.

They use volcanoes. That’s right, volcanoes.

The restaurant takes advantage of the dormant volcano located at Timanfaya National Park in the Canary Islands. This volcano has not erupted since 1824 but still, geothermal heat of up to 500 degrees Celsius oozes from the volcano through a hole in the ground.

In order to use the volcano to cook, the restaurant had to figure out a way to actually set up the kitchen in such a way that no one would get hurt from all the volcanic heat. With the help of architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto, a grill was set up around the hole with nine layers of volcanic basalt rock. In addition to that, volcanologists were consulted to help make sure that the whole set up was safe. This would ensure the safety of the cooks as well as the customers.

The restaurant was approved in 1970 and has since been providing its customers with very unique experiences. Guests can have stunning views of the Fire Mountains while they decide on what volcanic recipe they would like to try that evening. Quite incredible, don’t you think?


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