Go inside a historic Soviet spy ship that just went on sale for $25.5 million

Used to spy on the US and Britain during the Cold War

A piece of history
For those looking to own a piece of history, the famous Soviet spy ship La Sultana is now for sale at an asking price of more than $25.5 million.

In addition to its sheer elegance, La Sultana boasts a fascinating past.

According to The Telegraph, the Soviet Union ostensibly enrolled La Sultana as a research ship in 1970. For the most part, however, the vessel was used to spy on the US and Britain during the Cold War.

Originally used as a passenger ferry, La Sultana was transformed a third time in 2007, when it became a stunning private yacht.

Scroll down to see what the ship looks like on the inside.

Originally built in 1961 in Bulgaria, the ship was used to carry passengers across the Black Sea before its conversion into a spy ship by the Soviet Union. It was purchased by La Sultana Group in 2007 and underwent renovations that turned it into an elegant oasis.

There are seven cabins that sleep 12 guests all together. All of the rooms come with distinctive windows, marble baths, and showers.

The rooms are lined with wood finishes. They also feature work by famous Moroccan artist Jilali Gharbaoui.

The 710-square-foot owner’s cabin is equipped with large panoramic windows to offer plenty of light and stunning views over the sea.

There is also a lounge and bar area that has been decorated with beautifully etched wood features, custom-made furniture, and artwork.

Take its sleek staircase up to where you'll see one of the most interesting features of the ship.

La Sultana still holds the original Bulgarian language telegraph used decades ago. It's the circular feature mounted in the center of the back wall.

There is also a charming dining room where you can enjoy a romantic dinner.

The ship is equipped with a Jacuzzi, helipad, and swimming pool, plus equipment for windsurfing, diving, wakeboarding, and kayaking.


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